Privacy Policy KOF Allstar

Please read the terms of use agreement carefully ("agreement") before you proceed to download, install, or use all or any part of the application (including but not limited to, the following : software, files and related documents) or use the services by VNG Corporation ("VNG") provides to connect to the application. You accept and agree to be bound by its term and conditions in this agreement when doing the above operations. If you disagree with our Terms (this version and the updated version), please do not download, install, use the application or remove the application from your mobile device.

1. Update

This agreement can be updated regularly by VNG, the updated version will be published by us at the website:. The updated version will replace the terms and conditions in the initial agreement.

2. Application Ownership

This application is developed and owned by VNG, all intellectual property rights related to applications (including but not limited to, the following: source code, images, data, information, content contained in the application; modifications , additions, updates of the application) and the relevant documentation (if any) will be owned by VNG and non-personal, any organization that is allowed to reproduce, reproduce, distribute, or otherwise violate the owner's rights if not Have the consent and permission to be written by the VNG.

3. Account

To use the application you have to create an account, you commit that using the account must comply with the provisions of VNG, and all the information you provide to us is true, accurate, complete at the time required. All your rights and obligations will be based on the account information you have registered, so if there is any false information we will not be liable for such information as an impact or limitation on your rights.

4. Benefits and Responsibilities

You have the right to use the application and other services we provide, however the use of that will not include the following behaviors without the written consent of VNG: copying, editing , reproduce, create new products or versions that arise on the basis of this application;

Sell, transfer, grant the right again, disclose or otherwise transfer form or take part or the entire application for any third party;

Use the application to provide services to any third-party (organization, individual);

Move, delete, alter any trusted message or any sign of the application (including but not limited to copyright claims); redesign, compile, uninstall, edit, reverse design in application or the application content;

Change or cancel the application's original status;

Use the application to perform any harmful actions for the VNG network security system, including but not limited to use data or access to the system server or account is not allowed; Access the network system to delete, edit, and add information; Distribute malicious programs, viruses, or perform any other action aimed at damaging or destroying the network; Login and use the application using a third-party compatibility software or system that is not developed, granted or approved by VNG;

Use, sell, lend, copy, edit, connect to, translate, release, publish information that related to the application, build mirror website to publish this information or to develop products arising , work or service;

Use the application to post, transfer, transmit or store illegal infomation;

Use applications to use, post, transfer, transmit or store any content that violates intellectual property rights, business secrecy or third party legal rights;

Use of applications or other services offered by VNG in any form of violation of any law, any illegal purpose;

Other forms of infringement.

5. Handling Policy violations

If you violate any of terms in this Agreement, VNG reserves the right to immediately lock up your account and/or delete all information, content, and depending on the nature and extent of the breach you will be responsible for the authority, VNG and third parties about damages caused by or arising from your action.

6. Access and collect information

(a) When using the application, you acknowledge that we have the right to use the following system APIs to access data on your phone: (1) Read and write to your phone contact list, (2) Get your current location when allowed , (3) write the application data onto the memory card, (4) access to the Internet from your device. All of these access are made by us after your consent, so you commit to and acknowledge that, once you have granted us the right, you will not have any complaints for these action.

(b) Along with access permission, we will collect your following information

Personal information: Including the information you provide to us to verify your account such as name, phone number, ID, email address;

General Information: As information about your phone's configuration, the application version information that you are using for your phone;

Your location information: Data about your geographic location will be stored on the server to help you use the app's search function;

Phonebook: We will store your phonebook on the server to give you the best support when you use the application and avoid lose data. We commit to respect and not use your telephone directory for any purpose without your consent;

We do not use any measures to track the content of your message, exchange or other form to track users when using this application.

7. Confidentiality Commitments

VNG uses secure HTTPS and encrypted media protocols to transmit and store your personal and communication data. We are committed to keeping the confidentiality of all the information you provide to us or we collect from you and not disclose to any third party unless required from the competent State agency.

8. Fees and revenues

In our basic services that currently offer, VNG is committed to not collecting any charges from users.

9. Advertising and commercial content distributed by VNG

By accepting this agreement, you understand and acknowledge that we have the right to use your non-identifying information in order to provide the proper ad content.

10. Contact Us

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Thank you for using our products and services.